Marine Ecosystems and Climate Research (DEKOSİB)

It is possible to adapt the regional effects of global climate change by providing scientific support to the decision and policy processes of researches in the Earth system (sea, land, atmosphere, ecosystems). For this purpose, state-funded climate research centers were established in many countries, and international scientific co-operation was provided. On the other hand, prediction of local and regional impacts is more complex with respect to the global scale. The analysis of these effects is only possible with integrated regional climate research including all of the components of the marine ecosystems and the atmosphere. For this reason, a specialist unit for capacity development in the earth science systems, which can provide input to the decision and management processes of climate and environmental issues, will be established.

The objectives of DEKOSİB,

  • Long-term monitoring, storage and analysis of data sets of climate variables and time series obtained from the integrated monitoring systems,
  • Creation of climate models and prediction systems that analyze physical and biochemical processes and cooperation with the existing models,
  • Increasing marine, atmospheric and ecosystem science expertise and knowledge

The Institute of Marine Sciences, which will support DEKOSİB in terms of human and hardware resources, has been an important part of the strong network of national and international cooperation during more than thirty years of its scientific process. In addition, DEKOSİB aims to successfully represent its works in both national and international arena, within the framework of the cooperation network with the leading institutions and organizations in this field.