Sustainable Governance

National and Regional Sustainability Governance Working Group (SÜR-YÖN) has an interdisciplinary perspective to investigate sustainable energy and environmental policies, design, implementation, and conducting impact analysis. Group consists of two sub-working groups 1) Social, Political and Economic Studies, 2) Regional Studies.
In energy dependent countries such as Turkey, consideration of renewable energy and sustainable development requires regional even global conditons should be taken into account as variables. Renewable energy policies are not independent from requirement on carbon based energy systems.

Studies on energy are related to conversion to the product; the division between private and public sector investments, direct foreign capital inflows and very different economic and political elements of development such as security. Creating awareness about environment and redesigning of social state are also connected tor SÜR-YÖN. All these issues should also be investigated in terms of Turkey’s geo-political energy position in the region. All these studies mandates a coordination and commuication between decision makers in all of these studies, researchers and other stakeholders.

Intensive work about sustainability governance will be carried out by interdisciplinary programs clustered under Institute of Social Sciences (SBE).